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Bitumen business

RN-Bitum is a specialized Rosneft subsidiary to manage bitumen business. Company bitumen business is aimed at the Russian road infrastructure maintenance and development.


The Company produces bitumen at 10 refineries, located in Central, Privolzhskiy and Siberian Federal Districts:

  • Achinsk Refinery
  • Angarsk Petrochemical Company
  • Kuibyshev Refinery
  • Novokuibyshevsk Refinery
  • Syzran Refinery
  • Saratov Refinery
  • Ryazan Refinery
  • Slavneft-YANOS
  • Ufaneftekhim
  • Novoil

Rosneft Bitum pays particular attention to new high-tech products development for Russian road industry qualitative development. 

In 2019 RN-Bitum, Federal Road Agency and Avtodor signed a cooperation agreement in the area of modern high quality innovative binding materials utilization and road construction development. The key areas of cooperation are new products and technologies application in road construction processes as well as introduction of new roads quality technical requirements aimed at safety and durability improvement. 

In 2019 RN-Bitum produced more than 2.6 mln tons of modern bitumen materials in Russia. The Company produces and supplies more than 30 types of bitumen binding materials, including high-tech Alphabit product with improved performance characteristics, bitumen emulsions and a range of PG-classified bitumen binders (binders classification in terms of their operating properties considering the minimal and maximum road surface temperatures). 

Polymer bitumen binder Alfabit – a unique company development – ensures substantial road surface operating properties enhancement and improvement of durability, safety and road traffic convenience.   

Production and marketing of bitumen products in Germany is performed by Rosneft Subsidiary Rosneft Deutschland GmbH.

Starting from January 2018 Rosneft Deutschland sells road bitumen from RSK, Bayernoil and MiRO refineries.

Rosneft Deutschland successfully adjusted the polymer-modified Alfabit production  technology and established its production and sales network in Germany, which made it possible for the Company to extend its product range and offer own products with high operating properties to the customers from Germany and other countries.   

Rosneft Deutschland is a member of European Association of Bitumen Producers Eurobitume and supports the initiatives related to safe and effective use of Alfabit polymer bitumen binder.  

Alfabit polymer bitumen binder

Alfabit — polymer bitumen binder with technical specifications, which exceeds similar specifications of traditional road bitumen and secures improved road coating durability.

Alfabit PBB is applied in various road construction areas, but it is most effective for roads with intensive traffic.

Alfabit PBB was used for racing roads coating: “Smolensk Circle” (FIA certified as category 2 track),  Moscow Raceway and Sochi Racing Track (FIA certified as Formula-1 track).

In Moscow PBB Alfabit was used for the construction of Moscow Ring Road sections, Kutuzovskiy avenue, Rublevskoye highway, Third Transport Ring, and in Saint Petersburg – Nevskiy avenue, Vyborgskoye highway, city streets and embankments.

Alfabit PBB has been used at the Russian Federal motorways, managed by State Company Avtodor since 2010, which is a confirmation of Alfabit improved consumer specifications which secures road coating durability.  

Alfabit PBB range includes two special grades: Alfabit Aero PBB and Alfabit Bridge PBB, which have improved operational performance to resolve specific practical tasks in various segments of airfields and bridges construction. High requirements for heat and cracking resistance, aging and raveling resistance secure not only constructions reliability and durability (estimated service life) but also traffic safety requirements compliance.


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Tel: 8 (499) 517-76-74


Rosneft Deutschland GmbH
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