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JSC Kuybyshevsky Oil Refinery is one of the largest enterprises of the oil industry in the Samara Region. The plant has been part of the structure of Rosneft since May 2007.

The construction of the Kuybyshevsky Refinery began in 1943, the first batch of oil was processed already in 1945.

The project capacity of the refinery is 7 million tons of oil per year. The refinery processes crude oil produced by the Company in Western Siberia and the Samara region. The plant specializes in the production of high-quality motor fuel. The secondary processing facilities of the plant include catalytic cracking, visbreaking, catalytic reforming and hydrotreating, light hydrocracking and isomerization, a hydrogen production unit, an alkylation unit, a benzene-containing fraction recovery unit.

Crude oil is delivered to refineries by pipeline. Products are shipped by rail, water, road transport and pipeline.

In 2018, the main investments were made to continue the construction of catalytic cracking facilities (FCC plant facilities, vacuum gasoil hydrotreating unit, hydrogen and sulphur production units), as well as to implement projects to improve operational efficiency.