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One-Stop-Shop System

In order to increase the efficiency of innovation development, the Company has created and successfully operates the One-Stop-Shop System. This system is an effective way for the Company to interact with the Applicants (owners of innovation solutions). The interaction is performed within a single electronic system covering the whole range of activities: from receiving applications to preparing and issuing an opinion on the feasibility of introducing the innovation solution (or innovative idea) in the Company’s operations.

Any individual, group or organization can propose an innovation solution for joint implementation by sending an Application for cooperation in innovations.

The format of the Application for Cooperation in Innovations, instructions for completing the Application and a sample completed Application are available in the public section at the official Company website. The completed applications should be sent to the Company at the e-mail address:

The operation of the One-Stop-Shop System is regulated by the Company's Regulation "Procedure and rules for the One-Stop-Shop System operation for the introduction of innovation products."

The Company accepts for review solutions of varying degrees of completeness: from an innovation idea to a commercially available product.

Depending on the completeness degree of the proposed solution, the Company uses the following options for cooperation:

  • Targeted innovation project - for solutions at the early development stages. Assumes consistent implementation of all stages of the innovation life cycle (R&D, D&D, Pilot Development, Implementation);
  • Adaptation and implementation project - for solutions produced in series but requiring testing by the Company (includes the stages of Pilot Development, Implementation);
  • Implementation project - for solutions ready for implementation.

It should be noted that:

  1. The completeness and quality of the application preparation will help the Company's specialists to review the proposal.
  2. The application form is not intended for the disclosure of confidential information.
  3. Neither the fact of filling in and filing an application, not the fact of its receipt and review, impose any obligations on the Applicant or the Company.

Reports on the work results of the One-Stop-Shop System:

Report on the work results of the One-Stop-Shop System for the introduction of innovation products for 2016

Downloadable documents: