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Cooperation within the innovation activity

One of the key principles of the Company's innovation activity organization is the principle of "open innovation", with active involvement of advanced innovation organizations.

The Company performs innovation activities in partnership with external contractors: scientific centers and institutes with the Russian Academy of Science, universities, small and medium-sized innovation businesses, technological incubators, technology parks, etc.

The Company enters into strategic partnerships with other oil companies, including international enterprises, in order to create or acquire technologies; actively interacts with small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition, the Company participates in the compilation of long-term development forecasts at the federal and industry level:

  • participation in projects on scientific and technical forecasting organized by federal executive bodies, state academies of sciences;
  • Participation in projects on scientific and technical forecasting, organized by scientific centers based at universities in the Russian Federation.

Within interaction with universities on scientific and technical forecasting:

  • special mechanisms for the exchange of scientific, technical and marketing information based on collegiate forms of interaction (round table discussions, conferences, internal communication tools) have been created;
  • a joint work plan has been drawn up for forecasting scientific and technological development, jointly with the scientific and technical forecasting centers at higher educational institutions.

The Company’s partner universities include the classical and federal universities, leading academic and discipline-specific universities, technical universities focusing on oil and gas and mineral resources, universities of the "marine cluster".

Rosneft is a global energy company with diversified assets located in various regions of the world. The Company’s foreign economic cooperation within the innovation activity implies participation in international projects, programs and partnerships. Such cooperation is focused in the following areas:

  • participation in international exploration and production projects;
  • increasing the primary oil refining volumes;
  • Company’s extensive participation in international partnerships;
  • acquisition of foreign assets ensuring the fast-pace development of the Company;
  • implementation of technologies developed by the Company on foreign markets;
  • using the offset mechanism in the Company's foreign trade transactions, including the requirements for the preferential use of domestic innovation equipment in technical contracts for the development of basic projects signed with foreign companies.