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Key Innovation Projects

Within the Innovation Development Program, a portfolio of innovation projects is being formed. The development of each new technology is singled out into a separate innovation project with dedicated financing (CIP).

In turn, the CIP portfolio highlights the key projects. The key project is the one aimed at developing a technology that has no analogues, and the development of which will be most beneficial for the Company, or eliminates significant economic, environmental and other risks.

The List of Key Projects is formed and approved by the Company Scientific and Technical Council.

The main areas within which the CIP are implemented include:

Geology and development (including drilling):

  • high-resolution technologies for the research and assessment of reserves;
  • 3D modeling of complex geological structures.

Oil and gas production technologies, field infrastructure:

  • new systems for the development of low-permeability and structurally complex reservoirs;
  • technology for the design and construction of high-tech wells;
  • technologies for the localization and development of residual reserves;
  • technologies for gas separation and separation of valuable components;
  • installations for the production of liquid hydrocarbons from gas.

Exploration and development of offshore fields:

  • technologies for field development and operation in ice conditions and seasonality of operations;
  • technologies for ensuring environmental safety of offshore operations;
  • technologies for the protection of underwater equipment from hydrogen sulphide.

Petrochemistry and oil processing technologies:

  • catalysts and new generation processes;
  • technologies for obtaining new products (polymers, jet fuel, oils) with unique characteristics.

Information Technology:

  • technologies improving the efficiency of management systems.

The main results achieved within the Innovation Development Program implementation for the reporting year in the part of Targeted Innovation Projects are listed in the Rosneft Annual Report, section "Science and Innovations".