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Adaptation and introduction of new technologies

Along with the implementation of targeted innovation projects, the Company works on monitoring, testing, adapting and introducing new technologies. This activity provides for the organization of continuous large-scale introduction of new technologies successfully tested at oil and gas sector into production.

In the course of the technologies monitoring, the experience of their application in other companies is analyzed. Based on the monitoring results, prospective technologies are selected and the effect which can be obtained from their application is estimated.

During the tests, the Company determines the key characteristics of the technologies and conducts a feasibility study of their possible application.

In the course of adaptation, the technology is upgraded jointly with the supplier to ensure maximum efficiency of its implementation in the Company's environment. Internal regulatory documents on the technology application are also finalized. If required, changes are made to the Company's business processes.

In the course of the technologies implementation, based on the adaptation results, the large-scale application of the technology is launched.

Depending on the directions of the technology application, a range of methods of their introduction may be applied:

  • when replicating large volumes (over 100 operations), technology monitoring, testing for best technologies, their adaptation and implementation based on test results are performed.
  • in case of a single application (large facilities), which requires significant funds or time, technology is monitored (tests are usually not performed). The monitoring process helps select the best practices and adapts them to the technological challenges the Company faces.

As the Company is primarily interested in the application results of the adapted technologies, their selection is performed depending on their importance for production:

  • high significance technologies which have analogues. Here, based on the tests results, the Company issues open technical requirements for technologies, based on which the application of analog technologies purchased on a competitive basis is provided;
  • for unique technologies, in the course of adaptation, the development of the Company’s own analog technologies may be initiated to ensure the fastest possible application;
  • for mass technologies which are not critical for the Company, a competitive market is formed based on the test results, to ensure the application of technologies in accordance with standard practice.

Among the above technologies, special attention is paid to technologies aimed at solving key production tasks:

  • drilling and completion of wells;
  • hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation;
  • artificial oil lift;
  • surface infrastructure and pipeline transportation;
  • new well technologies;
  • field development technologies;
  • ecology and recycling of industrial waste;
  • energy supply and energy efficiency.

The adaptation projects for advanced technologies are implemented by working groups in key areas. Experts from respective departments, subsidiary oil companies, corporate research and design institutes, Russian and foreign experts participate in the joint work.