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Innovation activity

The directions of innovation development comprise the priority development technologies and allow to focus the innovation activity on the projects most important for the Company.

In the medium and long term, the following areas are identified as priority:

  • technologies for geological prospecting and deposits development (including well building);
  • oil and gas production technologies, field infrastructure;
  • unconventional sources of hydrocarbons (bitumen, bazhen, hydrates, etc.);
  • exploration and development of offshore fields;
  • petrochemical and refining technologies;
  • information technology;
  • corporate projects;
  • ecology.

Depending on the extent of the Company's participation in the development and implementation of the developed technology, the following forms of technology development are distinguished:

  1. Development based on own solutions (key technologies).
  2. Development based on jointly developed solutions (technology partnerships, consortia).
  3. Stimulation of third-party solutions (participation in technological platforms, innovation clusters, agreements for products sale, etc.).
  4. Development through acquisition (including adaptation of third-party solutions).

The above forms differ by the levels of risks and potential effects of their implementation. Depending on the importance of the technology, the Company may determine the priority form of its development ensuring optimal balance of risks and effects.